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About Us

Xplorearth is a luxury travel advisor that provides customized itineraries for a truly unique travel experience.

WE LISTEN – Every trip we curated starts with a client conversation to accommodate each traveler’s unique priorities, interests, and needs. 

WE WILL CUSTOMIZE YOUR TRAVEL ITINERARY – Each itinerary is tailor-made for the client, to accommodate the traveler’s unique priorities, interests, and needs.

EXPLORE UNIQUE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS – Rather than cater to common destinations, we specialize in destination such as Ecuador, Iceland, Colombia, Cuba, India, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Botswana & Patagonia to name a few, which are “off the beaten track”.

WE HAVE BEEN THERE – Every travel destination and every activity in our itineraries is one that we have experienced personally, and know intimately. We don’t call ourselves luxury travel experts for nothing! 

LOCAL SUPPORT – 24/7 local support is provided to travelers for a truly worry-free journey. In each of our trips, we engage our affiliates/partners to help and be available at all times.

LUXURY TRAVEL ADVENTURE – Each of our trips has an outdoor component, such as snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, ice fishing, or something unique to the destination. Yes, there is adventure everywhere and we want you to experience it.

Our Mission

xplorearth strives to redefine your notion of what is possible on a vacation and transform your understanding of a place. Our mantra is to curate bespoke vacations that combine elegance, attention to detail and worry-free journeys.

We listen, cater to your likes and design precisely planned lifestyle adventures to unique destinations around the globe, designed to be absorbed at your pace. Our goal is to provide authentic, insider access experiences.

Get to know xplorearth's travel expert

Trip planner

Harsh Patil

Founder & Partner

Founder & CEO, Harsh Patil, found his calling at 19,341 feet watching the sunrise on Uhuru Peak, on his first summit ascent to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Once a Logistics Director in the Publishing industry, Harsh is an avid traveler, a lover of history with nearly every adventure experience under his belt. He brought along his passion and fervor for travel and nature when he launched xplorearth. A fruitful career morphed into a fulfilling venture. Harsh Patil is now a luxury travel expert focused on infusing his zeal and inspiration to deliver memorable experiences with a white glove service to unique travel destinations.

Residence: New Jersey, USA
Countries traveled to: 75+
Favorite Country: Croatia and Namibia

Bucket list destination: Tasmania

Travel FAQ's

A luxury travel advisor, also known as luxury travel expert is someone who will organize and plan trips for clients looking for VIP treatment and a unique travel experience. A luxury travel advisor has an extensive international network of local travel suppliers and vendors to ensure that their clients are well taken care of. At xplorearth, our luxury travel advisors know every expedition and excursion intimately, as they have completed the journeys themselves in order to ensure you also get to experience the best each unique travel destination has to offer.

The biggest benefits of using a travel advisor to help you plan your next adventure are:

Travel is their expertise: travel advisors live, breathe, and sleep travel.

-They know the destinations: our travel advisors have personally experienced every trip and excursion that you can choose from. They can listen to your preferences and make precise recommendations as well as customize your trip exactly to your liking.

– Convenience: you don’t have to plan a thing! Our travel advisors take care of the logistics and safety. Just let us know where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do, and we’ll make it happen!

-Relationships: our travel advisors tap into their networks of vetted local guides and vendors so that your experience is as seamless and safe as possible… but we’re also here to provide you with a truly authentic experience. Expect to meet plenty of locals!