Cuba Luxury Vacations

An island brimming with white sand beaches, vibrant art, soul-stirring music and cities cloaked in colonial charm, Cuba is a country begging to be explored!
Cuba Vacations

Take a step back in time

Classic 1950s American cars rumbling down the Malecon; island music wafting on the breeze at all times of the day and night and streets adorened with classic architecture – these are just a few of the common sights in the Cuban capital of Havana, one of the most enigmatic places in the world. The Cuban way of life under the socialist revolution is still very evident, while their culture intensified in isolation… all of it which is now ready to be explored.

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5 days Itinerary to Cuba

Recommend itinerary for a Cuban explorer! Want to change the number of days, stay at a luxury villa, add or swap out activities, no problem! Our travel experts will customize your itinerary keeping your interests in mind.

Day One:   Arrive in Havana and discover the vintage city through the eyes of an award-winning photographer! Walk through the streets as you discover majestic architecture and experience local gastronomy. You will also get a chance to cruise in classic convertible cars!

Day Two:   Continue imbibing the charming Cuban capital as you stroll around neighbourhoods, bike along the Malecon, and be regaled by a private music concert.

Day Three:  Embark on a catamaran fishing excursion, enjoy an authentic rum and cigar tasting event, capped by a Latin salsa dance session.

Day Four:  Community service at a Spanish nunnery housing destitute and aged Cubans – a humanitarian excursion.

Day Five:  Departure

You could also add an additional 2 days to include an outdoors hiking excursion into the mountain region of Vinales.

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People, food and culture

Cuba is well known for handmade cigars, considered to be the world’s finest. After all, hand rolling nearly 3 million cigars annually is no easy feat! Traditional Cuban cuisine is influenced by the cuisine of the native Taino people as well as the Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. Pork is the chosen meat for a traditional feast and usually served with rice and beans. Plantains and Tostones are other Cuban staples stuffed with sweet or savoury fillings that are delicious accompaniments. Another basic yet commonly devoured dish is the Cuban sandwich. Made with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard pressed on crispy Cuban bread, this sandwich is a must-try! With food, can drinks be far behind ? The perfect end to a mouth-watering Cuban meal is Cuban coffee, a perfect blend of sweet and strong guaranteed to give you a sugar-rush! Cuba also takes great pride in its rum production, with the country’s top brand Havana Club used to prepare all kinds of exotic drinks and cocktails. If you can find a bottle of Santiago 11yrs grab it; its as vaulable as gold!

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Fun Fact

A living museum - The only cars that Cuban citizens can own legally are cars created and bought before 1959. After this year, the Cuban government seized all of the cars, and owns them all to this day. This explains the colorful vintage cars that are so prominent to this country!


One reason you should go here

Cuba is a place frozen in of the last remnants of socialism untouched by first-world consumerism. See it before it gets “spoiled”...