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Kilimanjaro Calls, Once Again

Kilimanjaro beckons me as few places do. I’m about to embark upon my third climb and this time I have herded more companions to journey with me.
Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
Mount Kilimanjaro Hike
Tears, laughter, pain and ineffable joy will be our constant companions during the four-day journey to the roof of Africa.
Shrouded in clouds, mist and mystery, this mighty volcano is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Although Kilimanjaro is classified as a “non-technical” climb and can be ascended by almost anyone, (even 7-year-olds!) it is nonetheless a ruthlessly physical experience. It demands physical conditioning and preparation to reach the 19,321-foot summit.
I truly believe that there is more to us humans than meets the eye. And I hence encourage, educate and advocate people to take up the challenge of attempting the Kili climb. This also means dedicating one’s mind and body to prepare for the arduous journey, which in itself is self-finding.
Months of preparation, training and waiting will lead to inevitable butterflies and nervousness as the day approaches. Many who make the summit descend as changed people. The experience is life-altering for some. At the very least, most climbers have an improved self-confidence after conquering this adventure.
For me, climbing Kili is a strangely solitary, yet communal experience.
Kilimanjaro will bond us!
With new friendships to come, I look forward to seeing old friends from the Masai villages along the Serengeti plain – the expert guides, porters, cooks and assorted helpers who make my expeditions run as safe, smooth and trouble-free as nature allows.
May the xplor.earth team safely summit to the roof of Africa