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Victoria Falls – The Smoke that Thunders


You hear the name Victoria Falls and the only word that comes to mind is unfathomably vast and spectacular. The falls are usually on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast who wants to see the fiery wonders of mother earth. I wanted to be a spectator of the incredibly raw power of nature that made the plunging waters of the Victoria Falls rise so high in the air that it could be seen from 50 kms away.

Victoria waterfall
After a series of stressful events that made me miss my flight, I was ecstatic to finally be on board the plane to spend the coming week in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After having slept through my 1st flight, the second leg of this trip from Addis to Victoria Falls was one of the best visual experiences of my life. I was flying across from the northern to southern region of a continent which had an amazing landscape and sharp colours consisting of mountains, rivers, gorges, craters, and other formations of blue, green and brown. I was glued to the airplane window… it was as if I was flying over a painting.

Victoria Falls airport was constructed just a few years ago, to encourage and develop tourism. The town of Victoria Falls has an excellent range of lodging options, including campsites, backpacker hostels and even all-inclusive luxury lodges (where I was residing).
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After having explored the town a bit, I went straight for a short sunset cruise down the river Zambezi. It was a great start to the trip and had set the mood for what was to follow in the next few days. The next morning, after having a quick early breakfast, I set off to see the falls with my wind cheater, expecting to get “gently sprayed”. For those of you who don’t know, there isn’t much that can beat the biggest sheet of falling water on Earth cascading with an astounding roar down cliffs into the mighty Zambezi River more than 100 metres below. The view was simply enthralling. Walking through the clouds, through the rainbows, this was far from the gentle spray I was expecting. Along with the rest of the group, I walked about 1.8 kilometres until the end point, from where I could see Zambia and the ecstatic tourists waving out to us from the other side.
It was soon time for us to head to the airport and board our Private Jet to go to Hwange National Park. The next 6 days was over to luxurious accommodation, stunning wildlife and landscapes, and pure bliss.
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General tips -

  •  Winter begins by April end or May so mornings can be chilly especially when you are in fully open vehicles during game drives. 
  • Afternoons can get very sunny and hot. So in dual conditions like these, it is best to be layered and be prepared for both extremes. Use detachable sleeves as well. One can quickly go from short to long and back to short, as per the weather conditions.
  • Stick to earthy muted natural colours when in the bushes – greys, beige, khakis, military green.
  • Avoid stark white and bright colours, as they really tend to stand out when you are on game drives.
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Food -

Food overall was delicious. Even for vegetarians, a variety of salads, sautéed veggies, one pot meals, eggs, soups, breads, and some great desserts were available. I tried some unusual dishes and the chefs were happy to share their recipes too.
African wines and beers are also one of a kind. Each one is better than the other – the red rose gin, Savannah Cider, and local Zambezi beers in particular are must-tries!
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