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This Valentine’s Day, indulge in these transformative experiences with your loved one, for a journey of a lifetime!


From stargazing in a Jordanian desert and scuba diving in a Croatian underwater vineyard to witnessing the Northern Lights in Alaska and a hot air balloon safari in Namibia, these one-of-a-kind adventures will leave you enthralled. It is commonly known that couples that travel together are able to build a stronger relationship. As you explore the world together, you will learn a lot about each other’s nuances and be able to emotionally better support each another. Visiting new places and partaking in adventures together also helps create a special bond. Plan these dreamy, exciting, adventurous and unique travel experiences with your partner and strengthen your connection, this Valentine’s Day.

Hot air balloon safari in a Namibian desert

Imagine floating in the air as you soak in a birds-eye view of the distinctive sights of the Namib Desert, gleaming in the rays of the rising sun.Picture an expanse of red-coloured sand dunes of all shapes and sizes as far as the eye can see. One of the best ways to discover this surreal natural landscape with its towering dunes, expansive plains, foggy coastline and endemic flora and fauna is by an early morning hot air balloon safari with your loved one. These hot air balloon safaris usually include an intimate Champagne Breakfast at the landing spot, which is followed by a spectacular drive through the desert.

Plan dreamy, exciting, adventurous, and unique travel experiences with your partner, this Valentine’s Day

Stargazing in bubble tents in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Known as “The Valley of the Moon,” Wadi Rum in Jordan is among the best places in the world and offers some of the best possibilities for seeing the Milky Way and the planets in all their glory. The climate is arid, and with little light pollution,it’sideal for stargazing into the heavens.This UNESCO World Heritage site, located about an hour drive from the city of Petra comprises sprawling, copper sand dunes during the day and a vast emptiness of starlight at night. Witness the glorious celestial show across the skies of Wadi Rum by spending a night here in acozy bubble tent. These temporary tents are luxurious, comfortable, private and environmentally sustainable. Bond with your better half as you spend the night in a well-appointed tent with only each other and the stars for company.Your partner and you will be spellboundas you see the night sky through a glittering dome peppered with stars, planets, and passing meteors.

Stargaze in Bubble tents in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Diving in an underwater vineyard in Croatia

Gone are the days of the conventional winery tours. The Edivo Vina winery in Drače, about an hour north of Dubrovnik, allows guests to its “underwater cellars,” at the bottom of the Mali Ston Bay.

An immense stretch of shimmering azure waters set against a pristine, rock-strewn shoreline greets visitors at theEdivo Vina winery. You candive to this underwater winery, take a tour and choose your own wine with your partner.The bottle, which emerges from the Adriatic Sea, is beautifully encrusted in coral, barnacles, and other ocean life, giving it a buried treasure look. After the dive, the vineyard arranges for a dreamy, romantic dinner with panoramic views of the Adriatic coastline and serves you the wine you retrieved underwater.

Dive in an underwater vineyard in Croatia

Witnessing the Northern Lights from the Alaskan Railroad train

Envision a wave of bedazzlinglights dancing in the night sky as you look out of your train window, which is winding through snow-covered landscapes. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) has captivated people for thousands of years. These polar lights appear when tiny particles stream out from the Sun and hit Earth’s atmosphere, resulting inbreathtaking“dancing lights.” The Northern Lights are not magic, but they certainly feel magicalto people who see them. Viewing the Northern Lights will leave you mesmerised and make you realise what a minute place you occupy in the Universe. The experience will encourage your partner and you to live in the moment and celebrate life with each other. Your firstsight of the Northern Lights will only be the tip of an iceberg. On every view, the Aurora Borealis shows you just enough, to be content, but to begin longing to be back for more.

Witness the Northern Lights from the Alaskan Railroad

These experiences are perfect if you’re looking for adventurous and unconventional ways to bond with your better half. Explore new destinations, partake in off beat adventures and create special memories together at www.xplorearth.us. Let us at xplorearth.us help you discover those “I Love You” moments, with a romantic and exciting travel experience.