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Wander into the Wild

I want to bring you the thrill of the unknown…
I rekindled my passion for adventure after climbing Kilimanjaro for the first time. In this moment my calling came to light, nurtured by a sense of thrill-seeking abandon. While I found my corporate career fulfilling, I decided to take my decade’s-long love affair with adventure travel to new heights. In a serendipitous moment, I figured I could leverage the connections I’d built from visiting 60-plus countries over the years, and custom design dream-come-true itineraries. In the process of exploring my deepest desires, I learned something important about adventure travel.
Now is the time.
I believe that humans are meant to be outside, discovering the planet and not confined within four walls. xplor.earth liberates you from the confines of modern life to deepen your relationship with nature all over the globe. Imagine delighting in the sound of your own footsteps as they crunch pine needles on a Himalayan mountain trail rather than suffering blaring horns and the tap, tap, tap of your keyboard. I want you to marvel in days filled with rich greens of the Brazilian jungle, browns of the African savannah, and blinding whites of mountain peaks.
Pole Pole (Slowly), in Africana – Steps get harder but the summit gets closer

Live on the edge.

For me, no experience in the world is richer than the thrill of the unknown. I consider it pure joy to live an existence where anything can change at any given moment followed by the accompanying adrenaline rush of adapting amidst constant challenges to my senses.
Of course there are moments on the trail when I curse myself and think, why am I doing this? In times of physical challenge, my mind fills with fleeting thoughts of a fine scotch by the fireplace or watching a movie while cuddled in bed. In the midst of these tempting flashes I ask myself, why am I pushing my physical and mental limits? But then panoramic mountain vistas splinter the visions of my comfort zone and instead fill me with tranquility and clarity of purpose. The sight of fellow trekkers clambering up rocky escarpments as they scale a ridge brings home the thrill of the climb and why we push the limits.
We are meant to be on an adventure.