Malawi Vacations

What grabs you instantly about this tiny country, is its geographical diversity – spectacular highlands, extensive lakes, and undulating hills swathed in evergreen forests – Malawi’s unmatched scenery is topped only by its hospitable people. As small as this landlocked country is, you will be welcomed by a plethora of beaches, plateaus, mountains, forests, rivers and tea plantations.

Journey to the Warm heart of Africa

One of the most densely populated countries of Africa, Malawi truly is one of a kind. In the local Chichewan language Malawi means fire, depicting the incredible sunsets and sunrises over Lake Malawi, Africa’s 3rd largest. The country also has several underrated hiking spots, ranging from plateaus such as Nyika to more challenging trekking expeditions such as Mount Mulanje.

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9 days Itinerary to Malawi

Recommended itinerary for an exciting trip to Malawi!

Hiking, cycling, watersports and bird watching… Speak to our travel experts to customize your trip itinerary just the way you like it.

Day One:  Upon arrival, transfer to South Luangwa National Park

Day Two:  Game drive at South Luangwa National Park, Kakuli

Day Three:  Switch to another area of the National Park – Mchenja

Day Four:  Wildlife game drives at Mchenja

Day Five:  Head to the fresh waters of Lake Malawi and experience water sports!

Day Six:  Enjoy the pristine waters surrounding Likoma Island

Day Seven: Activities include – Hiking, Cycling, Watersports and Birding

Day Eight: Activities include – Indigenous Art/Culture, History

Day Nine: Departure

Eat Symbol

People, food and culture

The people of Malawi are of Bantu origin and comprise of many ethnic groups such as the predominant Chewa and Yao tribes, the Tumbuka in the north, and the Maravi and Nyanja. Most tribes believe in the existence of spirits and witch doctors perform traditional ceremonies involving local dances. Malawians are also known for their wood carving and pottery skills contributing to thriving exports. Some of Africa’s most delicious food is found here. The staple food Nsima is the base of several other dishes. Made from ground white maize flour, this dish is pan fried and then made into patties served in a variety of flavors. The Nsima is generally eaten with the Chambo, a fish indigenous to Malawi. Lake Malawi is the ninth largest in the world, and the landscape is dotted with several smaller water bodies; fish is thus an essential element of the diet. Finally, don’t forget to sample the various types of Beer found here - Mawehu and Chibuku are just a few that are made from the staple fermented maize!

Language Spoken

Languages spoken:

Chichewa, English

Children Play

Fun Fact

It is not unusual in Malawi for one to see a 12-seater bus transporting 25 people, along with goats, chicken, and baskets of vegetables!


One reason you should go here

Experiencing a sundowner by the beautiful Lake Malawi is an escapade like no other!