Rugged, untouched and vast, Mongolia is an adventure destination like no other. Traverse across it’s wide-open plains and endless deserts, discovering pristine lakes all under a canopy of cobalt blue skies. Mongolia is truly a unique destination!
Mongolia Luxury Safari

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky

Mongolia’s sweeping countryside, deep-rooted history and centuries old traditions make for the perfect “get off the grid” experience.

Lose yourself in the vastness of the majestic Gobi desert as you discover one of the most unique and remote vestiges of Asia. Vast steppes, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife, all make for a genuine wilderness experience.

7 days Itinerary to Mongolia

Our sample itinerary for a rugged Mongolian adventure in remote Asia. Eagle hunting, camel safari, horse riding, travel experts will customize your trip itinerary to Mongolia keeping your interests in mind.

Day One:  Arrive in the capital city Ulaanbaatar and explore historical sites, ending the day by experiencing a traditional Mongolian Tuvan Throat Singing performance

Day Two:  Fly to the Olgii province and spend the day exploring the quaint town

Day Three:  Visit homes of nomadic Kazakh families and immerse yourself in a cultural experience where you will learn how to go hunting with a golden eagle hunter!

Day Four:  Experience the opening ceremony of the Eagle festival followed by other contests and performances during the day

Day Five:  The festivities and competition of the previous day continue with a lot more traditional games and eagle speed tests!

Day Six: Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and do some local shopping

Day Seven: Departure

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People, food and culture

From before Genghis Khan’s times the Mongol’s life is deep rooted in their nomadic culture with a whopping 40% of the population following their livestock and moving 2-3 times a year. Interacting with these nomads is a unique experience that will take you back to the roots of an ancient civilization. Given the prevalence of livestock in Mongolia, a majority of their traditional dishes involve Tsagaan Idee, or Dairy. The summer-time drink Airag and Shimiin Arkhi (White Vodka) are just a few authentic drinks that are a must-try! The country is also home to some of the most ancient and exciting traditions- whether it is the Naadam festival that is a celebration of their independence, or the Golden Eagle Festival that involves traditional games. The latter celebrates age-old Kazakh traditions and begins with a parade of eagle hunters on horseback, displaying their elaborate hunting costumes and accessories. The eagles are judged for their speed and agility as they are released from a cliff and swoop down to the waiting arms of hunters below.

Beautiful of Milky way over yurt in Western Mongolia
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Fun Fact

Amazingly, about 40% Mongolians still live in their centuries-old national dwelling, the Ger!


One reason you should go here

Where else in the world could you learn to go eagle hunting and partake in ancient games practiced by generations of hunters and warriors.