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The Latest Trends in the Travel Industry

Travel Trends

Bespoke holidays are trending – travellers are looking for more offbeat destinations, immersive experiences, and local homestays – luxury and otherwise. Such curated, boutique travel provides for customised holiday itineraries that offer unique experiences not only in unexplored destinations but also strive to offer different and off-beat experiences in popular touristy places.

Wellness tourism is on the rise and expected to grow twice as fast as general tourism. These travel experiences are geared to leave you rejuvenated and equipped with the techniques for a better lifestyle. Wellness travel has all the elements of a break that one can enjoy, in a way that wont leave you exhausted and in need of a second holiday. Think of a yoga retreat in Rishikesh combined with hiking, kayaking in Sweden, a week in a wellness spa or hot water springs, cycling in France – the possibilities are endless.

Sustainable tourism is the strong favorite on the rise. It is committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate employment for local people. Travelers now care more than ever about the footprint they are leaving behind. Wilderness Safaris in Africa uses only solar power at their camps, employ only local tribespeople, and are ardent anti-poaching advocates. An off – shoot of Sustainable tourism is Ecotourism which means visiting fragile, pristie and undisturbed natural areas. Places such as Costa Rica, Madagascar and Antarctica are prime examples for this.
Bleisure travel – Have a business trip coming up in Rome? Why not extend it by a few days and make it a business cum leisure trip – in other words, a “bleisure” trip! After all, only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Today, an increasing number of people are blurring the line between business and leisure combining the two – an unofficial work perk, so to speak. It provides for a greater quality of work-life balance. Amsterdam, Tokyo, Berlin are ideal bleisure destinations to let down one’s hair.
Educational Vacationing is another area that is currently in the spotlight. Acquiring new skills while holidaying or undertaking a trip specially to learn a new skill has become an important aspect for touristsEveryone comes back from a trip with great pictures and stories, but how about coming back with a newly learnt skill as a souveineer? Whether it is Tai Chi in Vietnam, Italian cooking in Tuscany, and scuba diving in the Andamans, surfing in Australia, kung Fu in China, in Gold Coast to tango in Buenos Aires or in Switzerland- travelers are looking for local experiences that will enrich their capabilities.
Finally, the number of women only trips are also on the rise – single women are travelling in fast increasing numbers; on wellness trips as well as adventure trips to exotic destinations. So what are you waiting for? Gather your female friends, pick the destination of your choice, and off you go!